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The first train to Lhasa was departing from Beijing when the Qinghai-Tibet railway inaugurated on 1st, July, 2006. The Beijing--Lhasa Express Train is not only, economically, the most import transportation between China proper and Tibet, but also the most dynamic and popular line linking two regions in terms of culture and tourism. For tourists, it is an amazing experience to start the Tibet tour from Beijing by train, the snowcapped mountains, the turquoise plateau lakes, the grazing yaks and etc produce a marvelous landscape painting that shown like an animation film through your train window. Lying on your comfortable sleeper, you will never feel tired to watch this blockbuster of nature.

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Tibet-Nepal overland 8 days
Lhasa holy highlights, Gyantse, Shigatse Syaka, Mt. Everest, Border from $890
Tibetan Hidden Gems 8 days
Lhasa holy highlights, Ganden Monastery, Reting Monastery, Namtso Lake from $607

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Beijing to Lhasa Train Tours

Travel to Tibet from Beijing to Lhasa by train is the most popular way for tourists to enter Tibet, we not only provide tourists with the most informative info about the train, but also with reliable Beijing to Lhasa train tickets and Tibet travel permit service. Our most popular Beijing to Tibet train tours include:

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Beijing to Lhasa train fare differs in accordance with the carriage divisions of soft-sleeper, hard-sleeper and soft-seat. The official standard fare for the soft-sleeper is RMB 1216 per person, for the hard-sleeper is RMB 813 per person and for the soft-seat is RMB 363. More>>
The distance of the Beijing to Lhasa train route is 3753 kilometers in total; to cover it, the train has to cross 6 big provinces with only 7 stops on the way. The 7 stops are Shijiazhuang in Hebei province, Taiyuan in Shaanxi province, Zhongwei in Ningxia province, Xining and Gelmud in Qinghai province plus Naqu in Tibet. More>>
Safety is the first priority when the Qinghai-Tibet train is designed, and the train of T27 from Beijing to Lhasa is not exceptional. The train all together has 15 carriages except the locomotive. Among them, 8 are hard-sleeper carriage with each holding 60 passengers, 2 are soft-sleeper carriage with each holding 32 passengers, 4 are soft-seat carriages with each holding 98 passengers...More>>
According to the current Beijing to Lhasa train schedule, the train departs at 20:08 P.M from Beijing West Train Station daily; and the train will arrive at Lhasa at 15:40 P.M on the third day; the duration is 43.5 hours, covering a distance of 3753 kilometers. More>>
The altitude from Beijing to Lhasa increases from 50 meters to 3650 meters, so to take the train from Beijing to Lhasa is a good idea to avoid altitude sickness as the train ascends gradually within 43 hours. The Beijing Lhasa train altitude stands highest of 5078 meters at Tanggula Pass, yet oxygen supply is available all the way. More>>
Every long-distance train in China has a dining car for passengers and attendants with waiter service but no English menu; Dining car is the best location for day-time sightseeing thanks to its big window. While you view the beautiful landscapes of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, you can also order some food; drinks, snacks and meals are all available there.More>>
Beijing to Lhasa train journey is the highest railway journey on the earth; the sceneries along the sky track across the roof of the world are just breath-taking. More>>
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