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Top 3 Tibet Tour

Lhasa Holy Highlights 4 days
Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, St.Barkhor, Drepung & Sera Monastery from $357
Tibet-Nepal overland 8 days
Lhasa holy highlights, Gyantse, Shigatse Syaka, Mt. Everest, Border from $890
Tibetan Hidden Gems 8 days
Lhasa holy highlights, Ganden Monastery, Reting Monastery, Namtso Lake from $607

Other Tibet Tours

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Beijing-Xi'an-Silk Road-Lhasa Tours
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Beijing-Lhasa Train Fare

Beijing to Lhasa Softsleeper Train Ticket  Beijing to Lhasa Hardsleeper Train Tickets Beijing to Lhasa Soft-Seat Train Ticket

Beijing to Lhasa train fare differs in accordance with the carriage divisions of soft-sleeper, hard-sleeper and soft-seat. The official standard fare for the soft-sleeper is RMB 1216 per person, for the hard-sleeper is RMB 813 per person and for the soft-seat is RMB 363. However, when the weather in Tibet becomes warm each year from May to end of August, due to the fact of very large demand and limited supply, the Beijing to Lhasa train cost will increase by several hundred RMB per person on black market or from ticket scalper; even like this, common people are generally unable to buy from the tickets office. Most of the train tickets go to travel agents or some very strong ticket scalpers before it goes on sell. Particularly, hard-sleeper and soft-sleeper are very hard to buy; very rarely, you are able to buy soft-seat tickets from ticketing office if you are lucky. In one word, though the official Beijing to Lhasa train ticket price is there and standard, yet that does not mean you can buy and get the tickets at that standard price. 

Beijing to Lhasa Train Tours

Travel to Tibet from Beijing to Lhasa by train is the most popular way for tourists to enter Tibet, we not only provide tourists with the most informative info about the train, but also with reliable Beijing to Lhasa train tickets and Tibet travel permit service. Our most popular Beijing to Tibet train tours include:

Beijing to Lhasa Train Tour plus Tibet Ancient Cities
9 Days        Beijing - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse

Beijing to Lhasa Train Tour plus EBC
Beijing - Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest


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