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Chengdu, also called City of Hibiscus, which lies in the southwest of China, in the center of the West-Sichuan Basin. As the capital of Sichuan, its history can be traced back to over 4,000 years ago from the present archeological discovery at the Jinsha excavation site. As the capital of Sichuan Province and the center of economy, culture, education and trade of southwest China, Chengdu is the most important city in west china. 'Paradise scenery ', 'Panda Home', 'Shu & Han Culture' are three major attractions. Chengdu was awarded as the best tourist cities in China in 2008.

Chengdu is rich in historical and natural tourism resources, such as Dujiangyan, Temple of Marquis Wu, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Leshan Giant Buddha, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong and Yading Nature Reserve. In 2009, The World Centre of Excellence for Destinations has officially awarded Chengdu as the 'excellent tourist destination city in the world'; Chengdu is the first city who got this honor in Asia.

Chengdu has rich biological resources; the world's unique panda breeding research base is located in Chengdu where a lot of rare animals such as Giant Panda, Lesser Panda, and Golden Monkey live in. The lovely giant panda is not only China's national treasure but also a symbol of peace and friendship and the common wealth of the world. When the World Wildlife Fund was inaugurated in 1961, the image of Panda was chosen as the signal of this international organization by the representatives from all the country.

Moreover, Visitors in Chengdu must not miss the Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan Opera. In 2010, UNESCO awarded Chengdu a title of Delicious Food City and formally approved Chengdu to join the UNESCO Creative City Network. Sichuan cuisine gained reputation of one dish one taste. Sichuan Opera is known as the top opera especially the face changing and fire-breathing stunt which attract most visitors.

Pleasant climate, long history, rich products, makes Chengdu a quiet, relaxed, interesting city for tourist.

Top Things to Do in Chengdu

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