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The Silk Road was the greatest ancient commercial artery between China, Central Asia and Europe. This ancient route between East and West was established during 206 BC to AD 220 in Han Dynasty of China for the political contact with the many Kingdoms of Central Asia. Since then, the Silk Road has also become the trading routes between China and West. The term "Silk Road" has vividly described the complex reality happened along the long way between these two continents politically and economically. The flourishing Silk route was not merely a commercial artery, but also a splendid cultural bridge linking the earliest civilizations of China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greek and Rome. The Four Great Inventions of China and religions of the West were introduced into their counterparts.

With the starting point in Xi'an, the Silk Road spans over 7000 kilometers ending at Roma. The China section of Silk Road stretches more than 3000 kilometers across 4 provinces, traversing plain, hills, plateau, Gobi, Oasis and desert; for thousands of years, countless merchant caravans trudged through those places on camels ,and slowly the village, town and city came into being, left innumerable historical sites and rare cultural relics along this natural art corridor.

The tour starts by visiting the magnificent and mysterious the 8th world wonder Terra Cotta Warriors of the First Emperor Qin, and then crossing the Loess Plateau and the Yellow River where Chinese culture originated; afterwards, reaching the extreme Western end of the Great Wall and its desert forts of Jiayuguan Pass--the first pass on earth, another 4 hours' drive sees the best-preserved and most vivid evidence of the development of Chinese Buddhism at the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, where tourists can also ride a camel through the beautiful Mingsha Hill & Crescent Moon Spring. Out of Gansu, you reach Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and it is kind of totally different experience, the bustling bazars with roast mutton, the solemn minarets with prayerful followers, the dancing young Uyghur ladies with warm smile, the ancient ruins of Gaochang with Kanrez Well cross the town, and Heavenly Lake nestling in the snow-capped Heavenly Mountains near Urumqi.

The Silk Road has everything you need for a rich cultural journey into an exotic China.

Top Things to Do on Silk Road

International Grand Bazaar Mingsha Hill & Crescent Moon Spring Mogao Grottoes

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