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Silk Road Weather

The Silk Road section in China covers four provinces, weather conditions along the Silk Road vary from a typical continental climate from Xian to a desert climate as you travel westward. Average daily temperature variation is about 12 to maximum 20 centi degree according to different landforms,tourists better bring coat or sweater .The summer months are severely hot. The winter months though freezing cold, offer a different perspective in scenery.

Xi'an, Lanzhou, Jayuguan, Dunhuang are suitable to be visited any time of the year. While for the cities like Turpan, Urumqi, Kashigar etc in Xinjiang province, May and October are the best time to visit. During May the average temperature along the route is around 15C. The scenery is most beautiful during this month, the snow starts melting and the grass turns green. Travelers can enjoy this engaging vista without suffering extreme temperatures. Spring and autumn though short and barely noticeable, are comfortable seasons to travel.

Although the hottest, the summer months of June, July, August and September are also a popular time to travel. It is the time that the oasis towns are full of life and the harvest time of the area comes, when the flowers are blooming, fruits are in season, and the fragrance of sweet melons and grapes fill the air.As the sunshine is also strong along the way, particularily in the areas of Gobi and desert, sun-proof galsses are also advised.

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