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Xi'an Attractions

The Terra Cotta Warriors
The Museum of the Terracotta Army was opened to the public in 979. It is the world-famous museum that is constructed on the site of its findings. The main exh >> more
The Muslism Street
Xi'an Muslim Street is a landmark in Xi'an where tourists can enjoy most of the local delicacies.The street is lined with restaurants and skewers being sold on the street. >> more
The City Wall
The Xi'an City Wall is not only the most complete architecture well preserved of ancient Chinese burghs but also the largest in size and integral ancient milit >> more
The Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Big Wild Goose Pagoda, situated in the Da Ci'en Temple, is one of the famous Buddhist pagodas in China about 4 kilometers from the urban center.Originally buil >> more
Mt. Hua
Mt. Hua is reputed to be the most dangerous hiking mountain in China. Narrow trails, sheer drop-offs, marginal safety, and wet slippery conditions, all contribute to this reputation. >> more
The Bell Tower
The Bell Tower stands close behind the Drum Tower, a 33-meter-high edifice with gray walls and a green glazed roof. Each face of the base of the building is pie >> more
The Moat
The moat of Xi'an was initially and simply built as a trench at end of the Tang Dynasty; During the Ming Dynasty from 1374 till 1378, as the extension of city and >> more
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