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Xi'an Food

Xi'an food is the representative culinary achievement in the northwest China. In comparison to other Chinese cuisines, it is outstanding in three aspects. Firstly, due to Shaanxi's geographical location in the center of China, various kinds of materials deriving from both north and south China are adopted by Shaanxi Cuisine. Second is the special cooking skills of the local chefs, including Tun (deep-fry), Qiang (fry quickly in hot oil, then cook with sauce and water), Chao (stir-fry), Zheng (cook by use of steam), Dun (braise) and so on. Finally is its frequently use of salt, vinegar, capsicum and garlic, making the savory flavor of sour, spicy and fragrant.The famous local foods we suggest you to have are:

Bread Soaked in Mutton Soup (羊肉泡馍)

The bread soaked in mutton soup is a kind of soup dish that involves breaking wheat flour flat bread into a bowl and adding a delicious mutton stock. Before dining, you will be served one or two pieces of wheat flour flat bread which you into tiny chunks, the smaller the better. The waiter or the waitress will then hand your bowl to the cook who mixes the bread and mutton soup with an appropriate relish. When the steaming hot meal is brought in, the waiter will also offer you sweet crisp pickled garlic, coriander, and hot pepper sauce.

Xi'an Dumpling Dinner (西安饺子宴)

Dumpling is a cherished delicacy in Xi'an. While tasting those dumplings, customers will be astonished by the cooks' smart cooking methods include steaming, boiling, pan-frying, deep frying, and roasting. It seems that all of the indigenous meat and vegetables can be used for the dumplings' stuffing, such as pork, mutton, beef as well as celery, radish, cabbages, etc. Nowadays, by the cooks' continuously improving, the dumpling has been one of the best foods of Xian to entertain travelers from home and abroad. It will be of great fun to have a dumpling dinner while watching Tang Dynasty music and dances. Dinner is a Dumpling Banquet at a fine restaurant. They serve every kind of dumpling you cannot imagine. They are stuffed with spinach, pork, beef and other delectable. Tang Dynasty Dinner Theatre is the best place to enjoy dumplings while watching the show.

Shaanxi Sandwich ( 肉夹馍)

Shaanxi Sandwich is made by stuffing round Chinese bread with cooked pork or beef, like a sandwich in western countries. The bread is always fresh and crusty on the outside and the meat inside is soft and tasty. There are two kinds of bread; one is called Baiji made by Han Chinese, and the other is called Tuotuo, made by the Hui ethnic minority.

Cold Noodles ( 凉面)

Cold noodles are a local dish in Southern Shaanxi and Central Shaanxi. The cold noodles made in Central Shaanxi are generally made from the wheat flour through steaming while those made in Southern Shaanxi are made from the rice flour through the same process. Cold noodles are served after they are mixed with gluten, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, chili oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic sauce. Sometimes, they can be served as a hot snack after they are stir-fried with sliced meat, sausage and greens.

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