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Xining Food

Xining food is very famous in the northeastern area of China. Xining ,the capital of Qinghai Province, it has many ethnic minority groups., boasting all varieties of local flavors. Xining's cuisine is distinct from other varieties of Chinese cities using mainly food products native to the area. Xining forms own unique cooking styles.Only in Xining can you sample the tasty local flavors and snacks. Xining food is substantial, but happily quite inexpensive.

A unique feature of dishes in Xining is that they are given names after the surname of their initiator.Here are some of the most famous:

Mutton Eaten with Fingers (Shouzhua Yangrou)

It is the most famous snack in Qinghai Province. It is made of fresh mutton and served with a little salt and some garlic. This snack is the favorite food of the herdsmen of Qinghai Province.


It is a popular snack made of flour and baking soda. It can be found anywhere in Xining for four-yuan. The most famous version of this snack is called Mazhong Niangpi and can be found in the Mojia Jie.

Zasui Tang

It is a soup cooked with lamb and oxen entrails. Locals often eat this snack for breakfast. The hot soup helps warm people during the winter.

Muslim Yoghurt

It must be special in Xining - this breakfast is a kind of yoghurt made by local Muslim families and is served in small bowls for one-yuan.


It is a popular and inexpensive snack in Xining. It is a small hot pot which contains beef, mutton, been curd and vermicelli.

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