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Xining Nightlife

Compared with other metropolis of China, the nightlife in Xining is not so colorful and crazy. Tourists may find the nightlife in Xining is limited. After a day of busy and excited sightseeing, however´╝îtourists still can enjoy themselves in the unique. nightlife of Xining. There are number of leisure and entertainment venues that can be chosen for the evening. For example, bars, pubs, clubs, cinemas, tea houses, theaters.

The focus of cubs of Xining is on karaoke and bowing rather than nightclubs. You can sing a song with the accompaniment. It is very popular in China.

Pingxian is one type of drama of Qinghai. With euphemistical and fair-sounding tune, Qinghai Pingxian is popular among the local people. You can watch this drama in Qinghai Drama and Art Theater which is located at No.35 of Xi Da Jie.

You can also choose to watch a movies at night after a tired day. Movie buffs can catch both Chinese and western movies at the Qinghai Theater, Xining Cinema and Renmin Theater.

Lastly, the most attractive way of spending night life in Xining is to enjoy local festivals. If you really like the special activities, you can even participate in those celebrations.

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