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Yunnan Attractions

Stone Forest
The Stone Forest is situated in the Lunan Yu Autonomous County 126 kilometers southeast of Kunming. Covering an area of three-hundred square kilometers (or 186 >> more
Mt. Meili
Mt. Meili (Kawagebo or Kawakarpo) is located at the junction of the Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nu river (a world heritage site listed by UNESCO).It reaches >> more
Dongchuan Red-soil Land
Dongchuan Red-Soil Land (Lexiagou) is located 250 kilometers away in the northeast direction of Kunming. People think it is most beautiful red-soil land-form in the world. >> more
Gedan Songzanlin Monastery
Gedan Songzanlin Monastery, known as little Potala Palace, is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan, which belongs to the Gelu religious sect. It is 5 kilometers to the Northwest Shangri-la County. >> more
Yuanyang Rice Terraces
Yuangyang County is 320 km south of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province. The county made its name worldwide in the 1980s when the rice terrace was intr >> more
Three Pagoda Temple
Only one kilometre from Dali Ancient Town, with a history of over 1000 years, Chongsheng Temple with its magnificent Three Pagodas sits between Changshan Mounta >> more
Bita Lake & Shudu Lake
Bita Lake and Shudu Lake, located within 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of each other are the two major attractions of Pudacuo National Park. The two lakes are recog >> more
First Bend of the Yangtze River
Rushing southwards from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Yangtze is blocked by the Hailuo Cliff at Shigu, which makes it turn roughly to northeast, forming a great bend of "V" shape, which is called the First Bend of the Yangtze. >> more
Dali Ancient Town
Facing on the Cangshan Mountain, Dali Ancient Town, laying in the hug of the Erhai Lake, has experienced 1200 years’ history. Along the Ancient Town, the >> more
Lake Erhai
The Erhai Lake coexists well with the Cangshan Mountain. The Lake is the second largest lake of Yunnan Province, with the Dianchi Lake ranking the first. It goe >> more
Tiger Leaping Gorge
The Tiger Leaping Gorge is the world's deepest river canyon. The 15 kilometer long gorge was formed by the Yangtze River crashing through the area, which has some of the roughest and most spectacular white water rapids in the world. >> more
Black Dragon Pool Park
Black Dragon Pool Park, also named Jade Spring Park, shows visitors picturesque scenery with a large crystal pool, luxuriant trees, a tall mountain and historic >> more
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
About 15 kilometers to the north of Lijiang Ancient Town and 35 kilometers from the north end across to the south end, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the highest >> more
Lijiang Ancient Town
Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997,Lijiang Ancient Town has survived intact for more than 1,000 years with over 4,000 native families living within >> more
The 3,200-meter above sea level Shangri-la is near the border of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet, and it is on the southeastern brim of the world's rooftop Tibetan >> more
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