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Yunnan Food

Yunnan Cuisine, though not yet well known in the West, is one of the best regional eating experiences in China. Many ethnic minority groups are located in Yunnan Province and they have each added their own cooking styles to Yunnan Cuisine, making it a beautiful mix of many different styles of cooking and preparation styles. Many dishes borrow hot, spicy flavours from neigh-bouring Sichuan. Others, influenced by periodic mirgrations provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, reflect the subtle, rounded taste of eastern and southeast Chinese cuisine. The Year round availability and variety of vegetables provides a seemingly limitless menu. The characteristics of Yunnan cuisine are a moderate balance of sour and spicy, tender and sweet.

Every visitor to Kunming will reward him with the unique ethnic folk dishes here. Ethnic dishes are cooked in different utensils in various ways. With one bite, you won't forget the unique taste of the chicken toasted with lemongrass and the rice cooked in bamboo tube of the Dai ethnic minority, the local eight bowls and earthware casserole fish of the Bai people, the toasted rice cake and Pipa-shaped ham of the Naxi people, etc.

Cross-Bridge Rice Noodle

This dish is formed with three parts: a bowl of chicken soup, a sliced non-staple food in addition to a dish of thin bean curd sheets and a dish of vegetables, then the rice noodles. With the seasoning of pepper powder, gourmet powder, fried chili, chopped onion, the soup appears colorful with red, green, yellow and white and its taste is unmatched.

Steamed-pot Chicken

Yunnan's Steamed-pot Chicken, can only be found in Yunnan. It is unique for its steaming pot, which was invented by Yunnan residents. The dish became famous during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Emperor Qianlong on his tour of Yunnan tasted the dish and spoke highly of it. The chicken is boiled in the special steaming pot which has an opening in the center. Rare medicinal herbs native to Yunnan are added to the pot. The chicken is tender and the soup is delicious. Steamed-pot Chicken is also very nutritious and local residents claim that the soup has many medicinal qualities.

Pipa Rou / Salted Pork Slices

Pipa Rou is also one of the specialties of Naxi cuisine. It is a course of dish getting materials from a whole salted pig. A whole pig after being cleaned is added with many ingredients. Pipa refers to Chinese lute (a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard). As the slated whole pig is shaped like the Chinese lute, it is also called Pipa Rou in Chinese. The salted pork slices is fat but not greasy.

Xuanwei Ham

Also known as Cloud Ham, Xuanwei Ham is one China's three most famous ham dishes. It is known for its fragrance, appearance, and fantastic taste. The ham is slightly salty and sweet, without an oily taste. It is one of visitor's to Yunnan Province's most popular dishes.


Yunnan Province is blessed with the perfect climate and amount of rainfall for growing mushrooms. Yunnan is home to many species of edible mushrooms such as cow liver mushroom, and monkey head mushrooms. Each type has a unique taste and is extremely nutritious. Mushrooms are a favorite of Yunnan locals. Visitors to Yunnan should try the local mushroom hotpot.

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