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Lying just below the Tibetan Plateau in the southwest of China, Yunnan is a mysterious land of great natural and natural beauty, the capital city is Kunming, known as the City of Spring because the flowers bloom there all year round. It covers an area of 394,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 45,000,000.

In few provinces of China is so great a diversity of natural conditions and culture to be found as in Yunnan, including mountains and glaciers snow-capped all year round, turquoise lakes and hot springs, alpine landscapes, and tropical rain forests.

The Stone Forest covers an area of 350 square kilometers and forms "the first wonder of the world". The Tiger Leaping Gorge, reputed as the highest gorge in the world, where the massive cliffs overhang swirling rapid currents. Picturesque Lijiang Ancient Town, listed as a "World Cultural Heritage City" by UNESCO, is a region of gorges, lakes and active horse breeding. The Naxi people who live here still use hieroglyphic writing and wear sheepskin capes. Shangri-la, referred to in James Milton's Lost Horizon, may be the last virgin land where one can observe cultures whose layers go back for thousands of years into the past. Mt. Meili with an elevation of 6740 meters, magnificent and precipitous, has not been conquered by men so far. The Rice Terrace in Yuanyang is the largest in the world dating back to more than 2000 years ago, and the Dongchuan Red-Soil Land is the most beautiful one of the same kind in the world.

Yunnan is also one of the cradles of human civilization. The bones of a primitive hominid 1.7 million-years-old have been found in Yuanmou, dinosaur fossils in Lufeng County. From Dali, capital of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom to the Three Temple, from Black Dragon Pool to many other ancient temples most of which are amazingly intact, Yunnan is a wonderland of never-ending fascination, with a long history and a deep culture.

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