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Yunnan Nightlife

Yunnan nightlife is full of local flavors and is also full of international colors. Yunnan is such a beautiful province in China that that the enthralling environment add vigor to charming nightlife. Famous places for hanging out at night in Yunnan are Kunming Kundu Night Market, Jin Ma Bi Ji Square, Lijiang Old Town, Dali Foreigners Street. All these areas are representatives for Yunnan nightlife. The areas in those places are full of bars, pubs, coffee houses, shops and restaurants.

Kunming Nightlife

Kundu Night Market

This is a famous place for Chinese and expatriates hanging out. As one of the most casual places in Kunming, it is a nice place for leisure and entertainment, eating and drinking. The pleasant climate of Kunming enables its enthralling nightlife.

As speaking of Kundu, every person who has been to Kunming knows it. The night market reposes at the cross of Xin Wen Lu and Guo Fang Lu holding ascendant location. Tea houses and bars, and KTV all are your end-result at night. If you want to be more excited, you can go to "TOP" disco dancing hall. The ardent rock & roll and high ambience and even the intoxicating alcohol will make your every last cell be in full swing. After drinking and entertainment, you can go to a restaurant or a barbeque and snack booth to fulfill your empty stomach. Kundu Night Market of course is a popular place for shoppers.

Jin Ma Bi Ji Fang Square

Jin Ma Bi Ji Fang refers to two-torii writing Jin Ma and Bi Ji separately. They are located at the cross of the Kunming city cneteral axis (San Shi Jie) and Jin Bi Lu. Around Jin Ma Bi Ji Fang, there are many pubs, bars and shops; you can have a drink during nighttime. These two torries was started establishment from Ming Dynasty (400 years ago). Jin Ma Bi Ji (Golden House and Green Cock) is the symbol of Kunming. Tourists to Kunming will take a photo at the Jin Ma Bi Ji Fang. There is a lively square, where there are often many activities.

Dali Nightlife

Dali Old Town becomes lively when the night comes. The most enthralling place at night in Dali is the Foreigners Street. The Dali Foreigners Street is busy at night and it is the busiest street for hanging out. Bars, pubs, cafes, karaoke houses, discos, and dance halls and so on, all begin to show their charming faces with the night falls.Many people find the most interesting thing is to sit outside (open air seats) a little bar or chophouse and watch people of all kinds go by you in the old city. Lots of restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes are opened by foreigners. They know how to make their businesses cater for the taste of their landsmen. Almost all the shops of Dali Foreigners Street are in business until deep night. Bumming around these stalls or shops, you will feel you are full of beautiful things in eyes.
But, other places of Dali Old Town are tranquil and beautiful compared to the Foreigners Street. For example, the four city gates of Dali Old Town are lightening at night being decorated by colorful neon lights. The city gates in the night look very different from the day. Go for a walk there you will get surprises which you can not get during day time.

Lijiang Nightlife

Lijiang Bar Street

Lijiang at night is decorated by numerous strings of red lanterns. There are red lanterns hanging in front of every bar. Red lanterns hanging along the tranquil streams and bars standing along streams are the brightest high lights at Lijiang night. This old town boasting above 800-year age has taken on many bars. Bars of Lijiang are famous all around China for their unique location and styles. Enjoying the bar life in such an old town is totally different from that in a busy modern city.

Yunnan Lijiang Naxi Ancient Music Concert

Naxi Ancient Music or Naxi Old Music is a kind of classical folk music goes round among Naxi people from mouth to mouth. Naxi Ancient Music is a famous music in Naxi culture. This music originated from A.D. 14th century. It is the oldest music in Yunnan and also one of the earliest music in China or even in the world. Naxi ancient music is one of the art crystals of the ancient culture. It is in harmony with music of Buddhist ceremony of Taoism and ceremony music of Confucianism,and even words of Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties to inform its unique spirit rhyme. So Naxi ancient music has been reputed as the "music fossil".The Naxi orchestra plays old tunes by old instruments. And the band is formed mainly by musicians over 60 years of age and a few are in fact in the range of 80s – 90. Just as someone says, Lijiang is the must go-place of Yunnan and Naxi ancient music is the must-try thing in Lijiang. The chairman of Naxi Ancient Music Band called Xuan Ke. Xuan Ke is the one to explain Naxi music towards both Chinese and foreigners. Xuan Ke together with his orchestra has performed in many places out of China like U.K., France, Norway, Finland, U.S.A., Scandinavia and Japan, etc.

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