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Yunnan Weather

Yunnan with its complicated terrain has a varied climate. It is divided, from north to south, into three climatic zones -- temperate, sub-tropical and tropical. Because of different climate distribution Yunnan from low to high terrain is also divided into over four regions- the low, hot river valleys ba zi (small upland plains), mountain areas, and frigid highlands. The climate zones and regions form a peculiar "three-dimensional" climate there.

Yunnan's climate is characterized by small seasonal change in temperature, great difference in daytime temperature, and distinct contrast between dry and wet seasons. Its mean annual temperature increases from 7ºC in the northwest to 22ºC or more in the Yuanjiang River valley. Rainfall of Yunnan is abundant but is unevenly distributed. Most places there have annual rainfall of above 1000 mm and 85% rainfall concentrates in months from May to October. Most parts of Yunnan have a long frost –free period, especially the southern border area is free from frost all over the year.

Generally speaking Yunnan climate features in three aspects: Firstly, it has little temperature difference between seasons, but considerable difference between day and night; secondly Yunnan receives abundant rainfall, but rainfall is unevenly distributed in different seasons and different places; finally, Yunnan boasts a long frost-free period.

From March to May, the Yunnan experiences a mild climate without sand and wind on the whole. It is very suitable to travel to Kunming during this period. Xishuangbanna starts entering the rainy season, but the temperature there is not high; however, places northern of Lijiang is very cold and not suitable for traveling.

From June to September, Yunnan becomes a cool province. Summer temperature of Kunming will not be higher than 30 ºC. There will be very often rainy days in Kunming. Almost everywhere of Yunnan is ideal for tours at this time, but Xishuangbannan is hot. From October to December, the wind of fall blows gently and it is cold in the morning and at night and you should wear a coat. Areas northern of Lijiang begin to snow.

From December to February, Yunnan winter starts. The generally temperature is between 12ºC ~ 18ºC, and if there is sunshine, the temperature can rise above 20 ºC. Some fashion girls may put their skirts on. If there is a cold snap, air temperature may fall bellow 5 ºC. There is no central heating in Kunming, and Lijiang and other areas many be blocked by snow and Xishuangbannan is still warm.

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