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Trekking tour to Mt.Kailash and Lake.Manasarovar

Trekking tour to Mt.Kailash and Lake.Manasarovar
 Lhasa-Shigatse-Mt.Kailash & Lake.Manasarovar-Lhasa
Day 1: Arrival & Acclimatization
Day 2&3: Lhasa city tour
Day 4: Lhasa -Yamdrok Lake-Gyantse
Day 5: Gyantse -Shigatse -Sakya -Lhatse
Day 6: Lhatse -Shegar -Rongbuk Monastery -E.B.C
Day 7: Rongbuk Monastery -Old Tingri - Saga.
Day 8: Saga-Paryang
Day 9: Paryang -Lake Manasarovar
Day 10: Lake Manasarovar/Darchen
Day 11-13: Trekking
Day 14-17: Driving from Darchen to Lhasa
Day 18: Lhasa to airport departure transfer, tour ends.

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Tour length: 18 days

All year around


The pilgrimage to Kailas is the experience of a lifetime! Our trekking tour to Mt.Kailash is meant for those religious aspirants who are also endowed with a sense of adventure and a keen desire to unravel the mysteries of the unknown. For the devout pilgrim a visit to Mt. Kailash & Lake Mansorovar forms the ultimate realization of their spiritual pursuit, while for the adventure-lovers it offers rugged beauty, remoteness and solitude. The trekking is short but much of the hiking is on steep trails at high elevation (15,000 to 18,000 feet). So, it is appropriate for experienced hikers who have been to altitude before and are prepared to "rough it."

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Day 1 Arrival & Acclimatization

Airport pick-up Train station pick-up

Schedule today: Arrival in Lhasa at airport or train station, pick-up and transfer to hotel for acclimatization, or you can have your free time hanging out at this holy city to get the first impression of Tibet.

Day 2 Lhasa city tour (Tour of the world heritages and Tibetan history)

Highlights: Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, Backhor Street

Potala Palace Jorhkang Temple

Schedule today: In the morning, visit the symbol or landmark of Lhasa-Potala Palace, the successive Dalai Lama's winter residence. In the afternoon, visit the center of Tibetan Buddhism-Jorhkang Temple, where you will come across lots of devoted pilgrimages coming from every corner of Tibet. Both sites are under the list of the world cultural heritages by the UNISCO.

Day 3 Lhasa city tour (Tour of the most important monasteries in Tibet)

Highlights: Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery

Drepung Monastery Sera Monastery

Schedule today: In the morning, we will visit Drepung Monastery which is the biggest Tibetan Buddhism College with the biggest number of monks in Tibet. The monastery used to be the winter residence of the Dalai Lama before the 5th Dalai Lama moved his residency to the Potala Palace. And in the afternoon, we will visit another influential Gelugpa Monastery-Sera Monastery, where the largest scale of scripture debating among monks is famous all across Tibet. We will watch the debate session and you may join in too with the help your guide.

Day4 Lhasa -Yamdrok Lake-Gyantse (270km, 7 hours)

Highlights: Yamdrok Lake, Pelchor Monastery and Kumpa Stupa

Yamdrok Lake Pelchor Monastery & Kumpa Stupa

Schedule today: In the morning, drive to the historic town of Gyantse via Yamdrok Lake, according to local mythology, Yamdrok Lake is the transformation of a goddess, on the Gangbala Pass, you will have a clear picture of this Tibetan holy lake in turquoise, in distance you can also see the snow capped Summit of Ninjingkangsang. In Gyantse, you will find the largest stupa in Tibet-Kumpa Stupa (Ten-thousand stupa), just next to the Stupa is the Pelchor Monastery. Another important site in Gyantse is Dzong Castle which once was a battle field where Tibetan fought against British invasion.

Day5 Gyantse -Shigatse -Sakya -Lhatse (240km, 5 hours)

Highlights: Tashilumpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery

Tashilumpo Monastery Sakya Monastery

Schedule today: Drive to Shigatse to visit Tashilunpo Monastery, the seat of Panchen Lama and also one of four most important Gelugpa Sect Monateries in Tibet. In the afternoon, drive to Sakya; visit Sakya Monastery that is famed as the 'Second Dunhuang' for its colossal collection of numerous Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, murals and Thangkas. Afterwards, we will drive to Lhasa County.

Day6 Lhatse -Shegar -Rongbuk Monastery -E.B.C (270kms, 7 hours)

Highlights: Rongbuk Monastery, EBC

Rongbuk Monastery EBC

Schedule today: Driving to Rongbuk Monastery (the highest monastery in the world) via Shegar, on the way you will cross over Gyatsola Pass at 5,220 m, which is the highest point enroute, and from the pass you will see the Himalaya mountain ranges in a clear day. In the afternoon, starting to trek from Rongbuk Monastery to E.B.C, it takes about 2 hours. Or you can take animal carriage (30RMB/per person, round-trip). Overnight at Rongbuk Guesthouse. (Dorm beds)

Day7 Rongbuk Monastery -Old Tingri - Saga. (Around 270KM, 8-9 hours)

Schedule today:Long driving about one day over the sandy and rocky land of Tibet, other things like lake, nomads chasing thousands of yaks and sheep keep you busy. By the late afternoon you will cross Bhramha Purtra River way to typical Chinese and Tibetan town. Overnight at Saga (Guest house, dorm bed)

Views on road Views on road

Day8 Saga-Paryang (250km, 7-8 hours)

Schedule today: Driving from Saga to Paryang through the windswept territory passing many villages and camps of Yak herders with the distance view of snow capped mountains. Overnight at Paryang (Guest House, drom bed)

Views on road Views on road

Day9 Paryang -Lake Manasarovar (294km, 8 hours)

Highlights: Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar Lake Manasarovar

Schedule today: Prior to Mt. Kailash trekking, you have to transverse along 270 km distance from Paryang to Lake Manasorovar. This route takes you to the amazing and holy Manasarovar Lake stunningly set on the Tibetan plateau bordered by the majestic Gurla Mandata. As you approach this sacred lake, historic Chiu Monastery will come into your sight on the north-west shore of the lake. From this vantage point, you can even get a glimpse of the majestic Mt. Kailash and Gurla Mandata. This journey leaves your spirit fulfilled. Overnight at the village Hore or Chiu Monastery (Guest house, dorm bed)

Day10 Lake Manasarovar/Darchen (60km, 2 hours)

Highlights: Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash Mt. Kailash

Schedule today: After breakfast, it is a day for Puja & Holy bath in the holy lake. We will be doing Mansarover Parikarma by land cruiser (4520 m) 115 km/ 4 - 5 hrs. On the way, we will stop near Trugu Gompa for Holy Bath in Holy Lake Mansarovar. We will be setting seperate bathing tents for changing your clothes. During this parikarma, we will have a picnic lunch on the bank of Holy Lake Mansarovar. Time Permitting visit Chui Gompa. Later, drive to Darchen (4620 m). Darchen is located beneath the majestic holy Mount Kailash, a small village with couple of guesthouses. During the auspicious pilgrimage time, this place will be flooded with Pilgrims with hundreds of tents all around. Overnight at Hotel in Darchen

Day11 Trek from Darchen to Dira-puk Monastery, 20km, 5 - 6 hours

Schedule today: After breakfast, drive approx. 13 Kms. to Tarboche, the trek starting point of Kailash Parikrama. Tarboche is also known as the outer "Asthapath". The first day of our Kora is a gradual walk with multitudes of other local pilgrims chanting and praying. The trail leads us to few ups and downs till we reach our camp/guest house at Dira- puk (4860 m) 7 km/ 5 - 6 hours trek. We will be camping on the nice grassy meadows with a view of northwestern face of Kailash.

Day12 Trek from Dira-puk Monastery to Zutul-puk Monastery, 15km, 6 - 7 hours

Schedule today:Lha Chu Valley blurs as you turn towards Drolma Chu Valley. You ascend to Drolma La, the highest point on the trip. But soon after the breathtaking biew of the Thukpe Dzingbu Lake, known as the Lake of Compassion, at the summit, you realize that this tough and challenging ascent has indeed been worthwhile and fruitful. Several prayer flags can be seen at the summit. Further on, the trail descends to the flat fields of Zutul-puk, which houses a monastery and several fascinating caves. These caves were used for meditation. Milarepa's cave is one of the most ancient and popular. Milarepa's footprints and elbow prints are believed to be imprinted all over this cave filled with mani stones. You then reach Zutul-PUK.

Day13 Trek back to Darchen, 14Km, 4- 5 hours

Schedule today: way from Zugul-Puk, you follow the trail through Bhark plain leading to Darchen. It is an easy walk along some impressive gorges and around many manic stones and mani walls back to the Bharkha Plains and dusty Darchen. The Kora has come to an end- you have erased your sins, endured cold nights and mornings, crossed some of the highest passes in the world, met countless fellow pilgrims and sent prayers of peace out to the world. Shortly after arriving at Darchen, you board the waiting vehicle for a short drive to Chi Gomapa, on the shore of the Manasarovar Lake.

Day14 Driving from Darchen to Paryang (4550m, 340km, 9 hours).

Overnight at Paryang (Gusethouse, dorm bed)

Day15 Driving from Paryang to Saga (252km, 7-8 hours).

Overnight at Saga (Guesthouse, dorm bed)

Day16 Driving from Saga to Lhatse (300Km, 9 hours).

Overnight at Lhatse.

Day17 Driving from Lhatse to Lhasa (450km, 7 hours).

Overnight at Lhasa.

Day18 Lhasa to airport departure transfer, tour ends.

Is there pick-up service in Lhasa and how?
Yes,we will arrange pick-up service for you at Lhasa train station or airport; inthe pick-up area, our guide and driver will pick you up with a paper with yourname on it. You can get out of Lhasa train station or airport with your Tibetpermit, please give your permit to our guide after meeting; and our driver andguide will transfer you to hotel.
What are hotels like throughout this tour? Can we live atdifferent hotels?
The hotels we choose for this tour in Lhasa are our commonlyarranged clean and comfortable hotels; you will live at either Yak Hotel or NewMandala Hotel depends on booking time and room availability; both hotels are of3 star hotel at Barkhor Street. In Gyantse and Lhatse, you will live at 2 starhotels but also with private bathroom; however, from day 6 you will stay atguesthouses only without private bathroom, because from day 6 till day 15,there are only guesthouses available on the way.
If you have your own preferred hotels in Lhasa, we can helpto book too, the price difference may occur.
Will your tour guide be with us all day?
No, our tour guide will be guiding you when you visiting acertain attraction, like a palace or monastery. You are on your own aftervisiting a certain attraction. That is to say, you have your own free time togo bar, shopping or hanging out. Please make sure you are escorted by our guidewhen visiting an attraction; if you are caught visiting without a guide, bothyou and our company will be punished.
Why don't you include the entrance fees? How much is theentrance fees for each attractions and in total?
Tibetan culture and civilization is characterized bymonasteries, there are some significant monasteries in our itinerary too; butmany times, our customers told us they do not want to visit this many monasteryas most of them look the same, so we decide to not to include entrance fee butlet our customer pay by themselves based on their interests. You can skip someattractions too if you have no interest on all of them. The entrance fee ofattractions in our itinerary is Potala Palace = RMB 200, Johkang Temple = RMB85, Drepung Monastery = RMB 50, Sera Monastery = RMB 50, Yamdrok Lake = RMB40,Pelcho Monastery= RMB 60, Tashilumpo Monastery = RMB 85, Mt. Everest = RMB 180,Mt.Kailash and Manasarovar Lake = RMB 200, it amounts up to RMB 950, equals toUSD 151 (1 USD = 6.3 RMB)
How much does the food in Tibet cost?
Our tourincludes breakfast for all days in Tibet. A normal lunch or dinner in Lhasacosts the same price that costs in Beijing or Shanghai. Noodles costs about RMB15 per bowl; fried vegetable with meat and rice cost about RMB 25 per dish, soit approximately costs you RMB 70 per person per day on both lunch and dinnerat normal standard. The vegetarian food is also available in Tibet, and priceis lower than a dish with meat.  
Where do we live duringthe days of trekking?  
The trekking (kora) around the Mt.Kailash and Lake. Manasarovartakes 3 days, this route is now very mature and classical, so there areguesthouses along the way; you do not have to bring any tent, mattress orsleeping bags; the guesthouses on the way will provide sufficient warm bedclothes.
What is food like duringthe trekking? Do we cook by ourselves?
Since there are guesthouses available at the each dayduring the trekking days, the guesthouse provides food service too, we can takeour breakfast and dinner at the guestouse we live in, and bring some packagedfood on the way for the lunch, such as bread, egg, chocolate and fruits at etc.
How do we transport ourluggage while trekking?
You do not haveto back your heavy luggage with you besides some water and food. At this tour,we will arrange packing animal—yak, to transport our heavy luggage; generally,two persons need 3 yaks as well as 1 yak porter. Suppose you have 4 peopletogether, we will arrange you 6 yaks and 2 yak porters.
How much is the tip to ourguide and driver? Is there a standard?
Tour guide work is a tough job on the roof of the world,and to tip the local guide and driver is a common practice in Tibet tourism;however, there is no standard for the tip amount, it quite depends on guide anddriver's service quality. Generally, if the group size is over 5 pax, wesuggest our customers to tip the guide USD 8 per person per day while tip thedriver USD 4 per person per day; if the group size is smaller than 5 pax, wesuggest to tip the guide USD 10 per person per day while tip driver USD 5.
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Our China Tibet tour was awesome! We enjoyed every minutes during our stay.

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