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A Discovery Tour into Kham & Amdo, Tibet

A Discovery Tour into Kham & Amdo, Tibet
 Xining - Chengdu
Day 1: Flight or Train to Xining
Day 2: Xining-Tongren: 230 km driving distance
Day 3: Tongren-Xiahe: 110 km driving distance
Day 4: Xiahe-Langmusi: 190 km driving distance
Day 5: Langmusi-Ruoergai-XisuoVillage: 400 km driving distance
Day 6: Xisuo village-Danba: 200 km driving distance
Day 7: Danba-Tagong-Xindujiao-Kangding 220 km driving distance
Day 8: Kangding-Luding-Niubei Mountain, 110 km driving distance
Day 9: Niubei Mountain-Chengdu, 330 km driving distance
Day 10: Chengdu Panda Base tour & See-off transfer service

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Tour length: 10 days

All year around


This discovery tour into kham and Amdo allows you to discover the hidden gem of an unknown Tibet to the westerns. A Tibet tour without Potala Palace and Mt. Everest can be rewarded by a vast pasture and mountain paradise virtually untouched, where the religion, culture, tradition and people remain also more genuine.

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Day 1 Flight or Train to Xining

Highlights: Ta'er Monastery (Taer Monastery)

Schedule: Airport pick-up at Xining in the morning, transfer to hotel; after check-in and lunch, drive to visit Ta'er Monastery in the afternoon

Taer Monastery Taer Monastery

Taer Monastery, also known as Ta'er Monastery, is a Buddhist monastery in Xining. The monastery is the birthplace of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Kumbum was founded in 1583 in a narrow valley close to the village of Lusar in the Tibetan cultural region of Amdo. Its superior monastery is Drepung, immediately to the west of Lhasa. It was ranked in importance as second only to Lhasa.

Day 2 Xining-Tongren: 230 km driving distance

Highlights: Rongwo Monastery, Wutun Monantery & Thangka Painting Wokshop

Schedule: After breakfast, drive to Tongren County, on the way, you will see a very huge carved figure of Sakyamuni Buddha on cliff. Tongren County, known to Tibetans as Rebkong in the region previously known as Amdo, makes its name as a center of Tibetan thangka painting. Rebkong arts where named to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009. Rongwo Monastery, a sanctum of Buddhism, is one of the comparatively old temples of Tibetan Buddhism and the biggest temple of Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect in southern part of Qinghai province.

Carved Sakyamuni figure Rongwo Monastery

Day 3 Tongren-Xiahe: 110 km driving distance

Highlights: Grassland with Nomadic families, Labrang Monastery

Schedule: Drive from Tongren to Xiahe, from today, we can see vast pastures where nomad families live in tents. The hospitable nomads will invite you to visit their tents and have a taste of famous Tibetan yak milk tea and barley "tsampa". The grasslands are also a beautiful area for hiking. In summertime the flowers are like a carpet on the meadows.

Labrang Monastery Labrang Monastery

Labrang Monastery is located in Xiahe County by the Xiahe River, a tributary of the Yellow River. The monastery is one of the six great monasteries of the Geluk (Yellow Hat) school of Tibetan Buddhism. Labrang Monastery is situated at the strategic intersection of four major Asian cultures-Tibetan, Mongolian, Han Chinese, and Chinese Muslim. Home to the largest number of monks outside of TAR, the monastery is the largest and the most influential Buddhist monastic universities outside the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Day 4 Xiahe-Langmusi: 190 km driving distance

Highlights: Langmusi Monasetery

Langmusi (Tatsang Lhamo in Tibetan) is a lovely little Tibetan town of the Amdo prefecture, on the border of Sichuan and Gansu provinces. Populates only about 5,000, Langmusi proudly boasts two major monasteries, a mosque and a functioning sky burial ground, all situated in a breathtaking canvas. It has one major street and a rushing creek running through the town center. To the north of the creek is the Sertri Monastery in Gansu; to the south the Kirti Monastery in Sichuan.

Langmusi Sky burial site

Day 5 Langmusi-Ruoergai-XisuoVillage: 400 km driving distance

Highlights: Ruoergai Grassland, Xisuo Village

Ruoergai Grassland is located in the north of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, and borders Maqu, Luqu of Gansu Province. It is on the east edge of Tibet-Qinghai Plateau with an altitude between 3000 and 3600 meters. Ruoergai Grassland is said to be the fourth largest grasslands in China after Hulun Buir Grassland in Inner Mongolia, Yili Grassland in Xinjiang and Xilinguole Grassland in Inner Mongolia. Ruoergai Grassland belongs to the kind of alpine meadow, also one of the China's three largest wetlands, covering 10436.58 square kilometers. You will see the largest population of yaks, sheep and horses with nomadic tents ever on any grassland.

Ruoergai Grassland Xisuo Village

Day 6 Xisuo village-Danba: 200 km driving distance

Highlights: Zhuokeji Chieftain's Palace; Jiaju Tibetan Village (the most beautiful village in whole Tibet)

Zhuokeji chieftain's palace, standing just opposite of Xisuo Village – dominates the scene perched above the junction of two swiftly flowing streams. Beside the palace stands what remains of a square watchtower, once the largest in the region befitting the palace home of the Chieftain. Today it stands a solemn and diminutive one third of its original height. While no longer the centre of government in the region, the village still commands attention with its interesting history. During the height of the Long March in 1935, Chairman Mao's Red Army bivouacked for almost a year in the valley. Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai and other key generals and strategists spent a week camped out in the palace on their way north.

Zhuokeji chieftain's palace

Red Army's Meeting room at the Palace

Jiaju Tibetan village is located in the Hengduan Mountains of western Sichuan.The name 'jiaju' means 'one hundred families' in Tibetan. Traditional Jiarong Tibetan homes dot the steep incline and beautiful orchards sprinkle color among the intriguing buildings. The houses are built in traditional Jiarong style with painted bands of yellow, black and white, and white stone towers in the four corners of the roof to represent the four cardinal directions. The homes are well designed for the hilly terrain they stand on, and to accommodate Tibetan culture. The village is enchanting and the warm hospitality of the local people adds to the magic. The vibrant colors and intricate designs adorning the buildings are not gaudy, but work in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Jiaju Tibetan village Jiaju Tibetan village

Day 7 Danba-Tagong-Xindujiao-Kangding 220 km driving distance

Highlights: Tagong Monastery, Tagong Muya Golden Pagoda, Xindujiao

Schedule: After breakfast in Danba, drive to Taghong, at Taghong, visit Tagong monastery (Sakya -sect) and Tagong Muya Golden Pagoda, this building complex is built on an open part of the grassland, far behind the temple is snow covered Mo'erdo holy mountain; in fine weather, the pagoda and the snow peaks loks great against the blue sky. The free time is on you after arrival in Kangding-Kangding is the capital city of Kham area.

Tagong Monastery Xindujiao

Day 8 Kangding-Luding-Niubei Mountain, 110 km driving distance

Highlights: Luding Bridget, Niubei Mountain

Schedule: There is only 50 kilometers from Kangding to Luding (very good road), and 60 kilometer from Luding to Niubei Moutain but road condition is very very tough, we have to change into local jeep at the foot of Niubei Mountain in order to get on mountain. The bus will stop at a particular hotel on mountain foot; we just bring some light luggage as we have to stay overnight at tent on the mountain top in order to view the fantastic sunrise. The ascension from mountain foot to top costs 5 hours by jeep though only about 50 KM, because the road is really tough.

Views from Niubei Mountain  Views from Niubei Mountain

Niubei Mountain is famous as the biggest sightseeing stand in China for its perfect wide vision. With Mount Gongga stand highest, Mud mountain, Niangniang mountain,Wawu mountain, E`mei mountain, Jiajin mountain, Siguniang mountain and Erlang mounatin in the front and Dadu river grand canyon in the back, almost all the famous  mountains in Sichuan are included from the view of the Niubei Mountain. Another highlight of Niubei Mountain is its splendid sea of clouds. The waterfall cloud is everywhere, making the tourists feel like roaming in the Hallelujah Mountain in Avatar.

Day 9 Niubei Mountain-Chengdu, 330 km driving distance

Schedule: After seeing the breathtaking sunrise there at Niubei Mountain, we take jeep from top back to foot, and then drive all the way back to Chengdu. It will be late afternoon when we arrive in Chengdu.

 Views from Niubei Mountain Views from Niubei Mountain

Day 10 Chengdu Panda Base tour & See-off transfer service

Highlights: Chengdu Panda Base

Schedule: In the morning, drive to visit Chengdu Panda Base, the base imitates the real wild ecological environment of pandas. The base creates a perfect ecological environment for the living and breeding of pandas. It now breeds 83 pandas. The base includes scientific research buildings, open research laboratories, animal hospitals, animal houses, panda playgrounds, a panda museum, and a comprehensive service department. Here, green bamboo and trees, birds, and flowers combined with man-made sights constitute the living and breeding place for pandas. According to your flight or train schedule, we will drive you to airport or train station in Chengdu after finishing the Panda Base tour. Tour ends, Welcome to travel with us next time.

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Amrouso knows china and Tibet well and can be trusted 100 %-----We used amrouso when I travelled on the high train to Tibet and Mount Everest base camp----he is great with email and English which is a plus for china
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