Casinos Are More And More Popular

Profits on the rise, turnover exploding… everything is going well in the casino sector. If online casinos are attracting more and more players, always younger and accustomed to new technologies, the fact remains that land-based casinos are still popular. They even achieve very good sales figures, as evidenced by recent results and especially the rising profits observed for the Salon des jeux de Québec and the Casino de Charlevoix. We will also come back to the Partouche casinos, which have also seen the group’s turnover increase in the last half of the year.


The Salon Des Jeux De Québec And The Casino De Charlevoix


You don’t have to worry about the Salon des jeux de Québec and the Casino de Charlevoix, which are doing pretty well for the start of the year. Both are indeed showing an increase in their profit during the year 2017-2018 and have therefore seen thousands of players flock to their establishments who benefit, it must be admitted, from an impressive number of services available.


Still on the Canadian side, there is a Loto-Québec which is also taking advantage of this craze for lotteries and games of chance. The firm has indeed managed to garner nearly $ 133.6 million compared to the previous year.


Always More Benefits


Everything revolves in fact around the expansion and promotion of the offers of these establishments. The profits of the two operators have effectively increased by 14.4% and 8.4% over the past two years. For example, the Casino de Charlevoix has just revealed that its turnover was $ 39.3 million, and that it has now risen to $ 42.6 million. Which still represents a hell of an increase of + $ 3.2 million.


But these progressions are totally in line with the mentality and new habits of Quebecers who continue to be attracted to the betting industry day after day. They visit gambling houses and online casinos quite often.


It is therefore a very good attendance which is profitable to many big players on the market. Among these giants, we therefore find Loto Québec, which ends up with the state corporation’s products reaching no less than 3.7 billion. The firm will even allow itself indecency to see an increase of 3.7%. But to get there, the operator had to adapt and carry out rather extensive marketing maneuvers, in order to offer a wide variety of games dedicated to all users. Products that allow them to obtain highly satisfactory revenues of $ 118 million with an increase of 37.5%. It is also interesting to note that Loto-Québec provided a dividend of $ 1.3 billion, exceeding the $ 169 billion that the government hopes for.


Partouche Casinos On The Rise


In the casino sector, there are also gaming establishments that have a favorable attendance rate. Casinos are generating ever-changing revenues and gambling houses have welcomed at least 290,000 additional visitors as opposed to 2016-2017. Always identical to lottery games, this success stems mainly from the diversification of the offers they offer. An opportunity here for to make a transition to talk about Partouche casinos and the group’s turnover, which is growing.


The report has just fallen and the results of the Partouche casinos are in the green. We obtain an increase and benefit from an increase of 2.6% in the first half of the year for the firm. An amount which is estimated at 211 million euros. But you should know that this performance is mainly due to the success of the casino that we have often told you about on our portal: the outdoor casino of La Ciotat. It is a gaming establishment that attracts many players, but also visitors curious to discover this innovation. An establishment in the south of France which benefits from modernity, a real asset offered here in order to seduce the players, and to offer them the best possible services… in the great outdoors and under the song of the cicadas.

She Wins At Euromillions And Wants To File A Complaint

The internet and our portal are full of great stories about big winners on lotteries like EuroMillions. But there are also slightly more surprising stories of winners who don’t really act the way you might imagine, having won a fabulous win. This is evidenced, for example, by this other fact which took place last year, in February 2017, and which took another turn for the winner of the jackpot… well, above all a surprising turn for the lottery itself.


She Wins 1 Million At Euromillions

We learn that the youngest winner of EuroMillions now regrets having won this fabulous gain. We think we fall on our heads when we read this, but we finally discover that some are capable of anything to take advantage of the system. This will be the case for this young English woman, Jane Park, now 22, but who was just 17 in 2013, when she won that famous jackpot of 1 million pounds at EuroMillions. Currently still the youngest winner in the history of this lottery, she has announced her intention to sue the operator who manages the lottery for the simple reason that this pot would have made her life even harder.


According to her, it would be imperative to set the minimum age for playing this lottery at 18, and not at 17 as is the case in the United Kingdom and unlike other countries such as ours in Belgium or at our French neighbors where the minimum of 18 years is already in place. But you should know that other countries go even further by setting the age limit at 16 years old.


Euromillions Winner Regrets


When asked if the minimum age should be raised to 18 and not 17, Jane Park did not hesitate for a single second to answer “yes”. An opportunity for her to justify herself on the fact that she intends to sue Camelot, the operator who manages the EuroMillions for “negligence”. She will then explain that the fact of having won this million has sometimes destroyed her life, causing her annoyances. She is convinced that she saw her life become much worse than the one she had, just before she won this lottery. Much preferring her life before, she is however aware that there is nothing more to do to go back, unfortunately for her. But, clever to the end, the young woman who claims to have seen her life change … absolutely does not plan to return the money …


She admits that regret is present every day and that she would have liked never to have this money, judging that her life, even today, would be much simpler without it. It is a situation that can seem incredible and especially infuriating for many people she meets in the street and who envy her every day, even wishing to be in her place. But she saw it as a constant stress, being convinced that they were not aware of what she could be going through. She explains that she has everything she wants when it comes to material goods, but also that her life is boring and above all empty. This jackpot would have obscured any possibility of allowing him to build a goal in his life. It’s paradoxical, rather harmless and annoying for those who dream of earning even a quarter of their fortune,


Unhappy, But Still Clever


When a journalist asks her if she wants to get rid of this money, just to make her life less stressful, she retorts with a smile and says firmly “no”. On the other hand, everything is crystal clear for Camelot who in fact has no power over the decision of the minimum age set to participate in gambling. However, he ensures, through the intervention of a manager, that he always provides support to the winners and that Jane was not excluded from this program, benefiting from this help at the time of the facts by receiving the visit of ‘an advisor.


Her mission was to support the winner, give her her money, quickly advise her on investments and external dangers and give her access to a private bank. In addition, the operator indicates that she was also put in touch with a young winner in order to share this new experience with her. An operation which therefore aimed to allow him, already at the time, to live much better in his new situation. An action which was also essential since the young girl had moreover made public her gain !!!! It was therefore, according to this same spokesperson for Camelot, more than necessary to support it by even granting it a right to legal and financial experts.